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Concrete Flagstone Pavers

Concrete Flagstone Pavers In Many Styles And Configurations

Custom Concrete Flagstone Pavers

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Welcome to Coquihalla Custom, where innovation meets craftsmanship in our custom Concrete Flagstone Pavers in the Fraser Valley. Elevate your outdoor space with our fully customizable creations, meticulously carved to perfection. Explore a variety of styles and color choices to suit your unique taste and aesthetic.


Our hand-carved flagstone pavers are sold by the pallet, ensuring a seamless and stunning transformation for your patio, walkway, or garden.


At Coquihalla Custom, we blend artistry with durability, offering a timeless solution for your landscaping needs. Unleash your creativity and let us pave the way to a personalized outdoor haven that reflects your distinct style.

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Concrete Flagstone Pavers are able to be purchased by the pallet load. We can recommend a list of qualified landscapers to perform an installation, you can source your installers or purchase for DIY.

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Contact us with any questions regarding how we can help you achieve unparalleled flagstone quality for your property by clicking the contact button or just give us a call.

How Are Custom Concrete Flagstone Pavers Made?

Concrete flagstone pavers are commonly made through a process that involves mixing concrete with various aggregates, molds, and sometimes pigments to achieve the desired appearance. Here's a general overview of the process:

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  1. Material Selection:

    • Concrete Mix: The base material is a special concrete mix that typically includes Portland cement, aggregates (such as sand and gravel), and water. This mix may also include additives to enhance strength, durability, and workability.

    • Color Pigments (optional): If you want colored flagstone pavers, pigments can be added to the concrete mix. This allows you to achieve a wide range of colors to match your design preferences.

  2. Molding:

    • The concrete mix is poured into molds that are designed to mimic the shape and texture of natural stone or flagstone. These molds can be made from various materials like rubber, fiberglass, or plastic.

  3. Surface Texture and Design:

    • To create a realistic appearance, the surface of the concrete in the mold is often textured. This can be achieved through various means, such as imprinting the concrete with stamps that resemble the texture of natural stone or sculpted by hand.

  4. Curing:

    • After the concrete has been poured into the molds and textured, it needs time to cure. Curing is a critical step in the process that allows the concrete to gain strength and durability. This is typically done by keeping the concrete in a controlled environment with the right temperature and humidity levels for a specified period.

  5. Demolding:

    • Once the concrete has cured, the pavers can be removed from the molds. Care must be taken during demolding to ensure that the pavers maintain their shape and texture.

  6. Quality Control:

    • The finished pavers are inspected for quality. This includes checking for any imperfections, ensuring the dimensions are correct, and verifying that the color is consistent (if pigments are used).

  7. Packaging and Distribution:

    • After passing quality control, the flagstone pavers are typically packaged by the pallet load and prepared for distribution. They can then be shipped to retailers, contractors, or directly to customers for use in landscaping projects.

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custom carved concrete flagstone.jpg

What Applications Are Flagstone Pavers Used For?

Concrete flagstone pavers are versatile and durable materials commonly used in landscaping and outdoor construction projects. Here are some common uses for concrete flagstone pavers:

  1. Patio Flooring: Flagstone pavers are popular choices for outdoor patios. They provide a stable and visually appealing surface for furniture and outdoor activities.

  2. Pathways and Walkways: These pavers are often used to create attractive and functional pathways in gardens, yards, or other outdoor spaces. They can be arranged in various patterns to enhance the visual appeal.

  3. Driveways: While traditional flagstone may not be suitable for heavy vehicular traffic, concrete flagstone pavers are designed to withstand the weight of vehicles. They offer a more decorative option compared to plain concrete or asphalt.

  4. Garden Stepping Stones: For a natural and rustic look in gardens, flagstone pavers can be used as stepping stones. They allow for easy navigation through the garden while adding aesthetic appeal.

  5. Pool Decks: The non-slip surface of concrete flagstone pavers makes them a good choice for pool decks. They are resistant to water and provide a comfortable and safe surface around swimming pools.

  6. Outdoor Entertaining Areas: Whether it's a barbecue area or an outdoor kitchen, flagstone pavers can be used to create functional and visually appealing spaces for outdoor entertaining.

  7. Retaining Walls: Larger flagstone pavers or slabs can be used to build low retaining walls. These walls can be both decorative and functional, helping to retain soil and define different areas of the landscape.

  8. Garden Borders: Create defined borders around garden beds or other landscaped areas using concrete flagstone pavers. This adds a polished look to the garden and helps prevent soil erosion.

  9. Courtyards: Concrete flagstone pavers can be used to create charming courtyards, providing a solid and visually appealing surface for seating areas or decorative elements.

  10. Commercial Landscaping: In commercial spaces, such as shopping centers or office complexes, concrete flagstone pavers are often used for pathways, outdoor seating areas, and other landscaping features.

The advantage of using concrete flagstone pavers is that they mimic the look of natural stone but are more affordable and consistent in size and shape. Additionally, they are durable and require minimal maintenance, making them a practical choice for various outdoor applications.

Contact Us About Flagstone Pavers

Contact us with all of your questions regarding your custom concrete flagstone pavers and let's help you get your project started today!

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